Elaine WatsonElaine Watson

Elaine Watson BSc MSc LBSH Cert Ed RSHom has been practising homeopathy for over 20 years in west Somerset and south Wales and teaching medical sciences, materia medica and case work (including supervising case work) in several colleges of homeopathy in the UK. Recently she wrote two courses – ‘Anatomy and Physiology for Homeopaths’ and ‘Pathology and Disease for Homeopaths’ in response to the generally negative and fearful attitude of students studying Medical Science. Elaine wanted homeopathy students to appreciate the wonders of the human body at the same time as integrating their other knowledge of materia medica and homeopathic philosophy in a meaningful way to suit a homeopath’s unique perspective.  Elaine felt she had a huge advantage when starting out because she studied Zoology, Botany and Microbiology at University in Scotland and Fine Art and English literature in America so the essential strands of the Art and Science of Homeopathy were beginning to be woven into place when she studied at the British School of Homeopathy. However, her greatest teachers have been her three children and faithful patients who have shown her the power of this beautiful, elegant form of medicine. Elaine also learned a lot from working with the children of Chernobyl and witnessing their return to health and vivacity after homeopathic treatment. As well as supervision training she has recently completed CEASE training in order to work more deeply with people on the autistic spectrum.

Elaine wrote two courses for The School of Health: 'Anatomy and Physiology for Homeopaths' and 'Pathology and Disease for Homeopaths' which she really hopes will enthuse and inspire the homeopaths of the future with the wonders of the human body and allow them to integrate fully their homeopathic knowledge with medical science.

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