Carmel SearsonCarmel Searson

Carmels background is in Environmental Biology and she was teaching in Further Education in London when she came across Homeopathy in 1988. Hooked from the start, Carmel rushed out and bought Kent’s Repertory! Clearly she needed someone to show her how to make sense of it and Misha’s course popped up. These delicious years pass and Carmel graduated in 1992, taking up more study with Jeremy Sherr at his Dynamis School, and undertaking the Plutonium proving. More time slips by and Carmel found herself here in Blackburn, Lancashire….practising, supervising, teaching and having homeopathy. To balance this madness, Carmel is found to be cheering and cursing her football team each Saturday, chasing two greedy pet rabbits from the vegetable patch, and generally skipping along with life as it comes. Carmel started tutoring on the international programme in 2004 . She loves the interaction with students and feels honoured that they share so much of their learning and insights.



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