May Event 8th & 9th 2021
School of Homeopathy's 40th Birthday!

May Event 8th & 9th 2021


The movie recordings of this event are available for 40 days ending on the 18th June 2021.

A celebration of homeopathy in celebration of the School of Homeopathy’s 40th Birthday!

Join us for this special anniversary event with a series of lectures from the School’s patrons: Rajan Sankaran, Miranda Castro, Jeremy Sherr, Massimo Mangialavori, Jan Scholten and the School’s founder Misha Norland and special guest Michal Yakir and the Joshi's.

This item is for the Saturday & Sunday

All for the celebratory fee of: £40.00 (All online lectures).

The event is being recorded so if you can not come to the live event you can watch it afterwards. The recordings will be available a few days after the event and then available for 40 days.

Saturday May 8th
Zoom lectures from:
9.30-10.00 – Mani Norland, Welcome Address
10.00-11.00 – Rajan Sankaran – WISE (Witnessing Inner Song Experience)
11.30-12.30 – Michal Yakir – An introduction to Ancient Plants
13.30-15.30 – Miranda Castro – The Long Game: Slow Cases in a Fast-Paced World  
16.00-17.00 – Jeremy Sherr – Argon
17.15-18.00 – Mani Norland - A Celebration of Provings
18.00-19.00 – Massimo Mangialavori – Topic TBC*

Sunday May 9th
Zoom lectures from:
9.45-10.00 – Mani Norland, Welcome Address
10.00-12.00 – Misha Norland – Moments with Misha
13.00-15.00 – Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi – Joshis' MAP (The System of All Kingdoms on One Grid)
15.30-17.30 – Jan Scholten – Plant Order Piperales
17.30-17.45  – Thank you

* Massimo Mangialavori's lecture will be pre-recorded - presentation timing on Sunday to be confirmed.

All Profit from this event will be going to charity.

We reserve the right to make changs to the timetable if required.