3 Day Clinical Event - Registration Fee

3 Day Clinical Event - Registration Fee


Nutrition Registration Fee 3 Day Clinical Event

Registration Fee to secure your place at the 3 Day Event (non refundable). Students are required to come to a 3 Day Event (21 hours) of face-to-face study. Courses run annually from Stroud, Gloucestershire. The price of the 3 Day Event is included in your course fee students just pay the registration fee at the time of booking. Please also note that if students do not attend the 3 day event with in the 2 year study period then a top-up fee may be required.

Please contact the office before purchasing this product as spaces on each event are limited and you need to be at the correct level to benefit from this event, you need to be towards the end of the Nutrition and Anatomy & Physiology Course before coming to the event.