P&D Boot Camp 2023
Medical Science

P&D Boot Camp 2023

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***Please add one item into your basket for each unit you wish to attend, so if you have not started the course please add 6 to your basket, if you are on unit 3 add 4 to your basket to cover the units you have left to complete on your course***

This summer we are offering an P&D boot camp to help students get going and get the Pathology and Disease Course completed. 

Course author Elaine Watson is running six Zoom sessions, one for each Unit. The sessions will be 90 mins each. Elaine will run through the Unit activities and get you motivated and prepared to do the study. You will then have three weeks to complete the Unit before the next Zoom meeting.

We really want you to benefit from this, so we are only charging £10 per Unit/Session.

 We believe that study at speed, in a group with the help of Elaine will really give you the best chance of advancing through this course.

The event will run on a Wednesday from 1:30pm - 3pm (UK Time)

Unit 1 : July 12th

Unit 2 : August 2nd

Unit 3 :August 23rd

Unit 4 :September 13th

Unit 5 : October 4th

Unit 6 :October 25th 

To maximise the learning - you must look through the whole Unit before each webinar.


***Please let us know in the comments which units you are booking for***

All sessions will be recorded.