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Misha - the repair man

01 September 2010 at 14:22

Interview by Leila Doolan (from The Homeopathic Times Vol 1, No 10)

LD: Misha, to start at the beginning; how do people learn to be homoeopaths?
MN: I think you have to be a homoeopath first -- then you learn how not to be a homoeopath!

LD: What do schools do then to help in the process?
MN: In homoeopathy, as in any school, there is a lot to learn. There are many facts that you have to have under your belt before you can begin to practice in a loose and free way. Schools, obviously, can cram you full of facts, they can fill your bottle, so to speak. If you are to go out and practice as a homoeopath, though, it takes much more than just having a bottle full of facts. You have to have an aptitude for it and a school can't make or break an aptitude. As somebody once said: education is not about filling bottles; it's
about lighting lamps. So what the school can do is light the lamp of a neophyte  homoeopath and keep the light burning. And then, help them in their process of learning to forget what they've learned, in order to step out of the way of the knowledge and just flow into being a homoeopath.

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