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Christmas Survival Kit - A 'Stocking List' Of Remedies

18 December 2013 at 12:23

December is the time when Christmas preparations start in earnest – the shopping, the cooking, the decorations and the family gatherings.

We all aspire to the ideal of a happy, peaceful, and joyful Christmas, but sometimes it becomes anything but.

Some cope by pretending Christmas isn’t happening and drop out altogether, while others keep their rose-tinted glasses firmly in place and power on regardless. The reality is that Christmas can be the best and worst of times – and the way we react to its pressures determines our experience.

So, to help your Christmas become a wonderful memory we have compiled a ‘stocking list’ of remedies to see you through the stressful bits so it isn’t spoiled by exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, digestive upsets, hangovers or disappointment.

What to Use, When...

1. Anxiety
…. for when you:

- have to sit on a bearded man’s lap
- deal with Uncle Albert and his excessive drinking
- try to keep everyone happy
- can’t fit the turkey into the oven
- spend more than you have
- procrastinate and run out of time
- lose your marbles – literally or figuratively

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