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Homeopathy for Sports Injuries

11 October 2014 at 11:06

Did you know that there is a fast, effective and safe way to relieve the pain of sports and exercise-related injuries?


Fans include Tour de France cyclists, David Beckham, Martina Navratilova and Dr Jean Marcel Ferret, who worked with the French national soccer team (1993-2004) . Here’s why he is such a fan…

“I am open to all techniques. As a sports doctor I quickly discovered that, except for anti-inflamatories and muscle relaxants, I was very limited in the care of athletes. I began to use homeopathy, first occasionally, and then more and more. At first the athletes were surprised and even wary. So I explained how and why homeopathy acts. The greatest value in sports? Its speed of action. I can use it directly on the soccer field, within seconds of the trauma, and note the results almost immediately.”

Homeopathy is a Greek word that means ‘similar suffering’. It is a system of medicine based on a natural law that “Like cures Like”. This means if a substance can make a healthy person ill it can also be used to make a person who is ill, in a similar way, get better. The remedies are given in tiny doses and do not show up in competitive drug tests.

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