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The Four Elements in Homeopathy - Seminar

01 July 2009 at 11:35

4 Elements
Earth · Water · Air · Fire

3 Homeopaths
Misha Norland · David Mundy · Jeremy Sherr

2 Day Seminar
July 4th and 5th 2009

1 Summer Event
School of Homeopathy seminar at Hawkwood in the Cotswolds

This seminar, hosted by the School of Homeopathy, is a chance to deepen your philosophical understanding of homeopathy and to broaden your case analysis skills. Learn from three of the most experienced practitioners, each with over 30 years experience in the clinic and classroom. As they will be presenting together over both days there will be many opportunities for comment encouraging lively interaction between these three old friends in homeopathy. The seminar will kick off with a half-day on the theory of the Four Elements making it accessible to students and practitioners alike, and then move on to the practical application of the model to case work. There will be plenty of visual material and handouts, plus carefully edited video clips of cases. On Sunday afternoon, there will be time for questions. In addition to this there will be a free party on Friday night before the event to launch The School moving to Hawkwood. Come and celebrate with us, broaden your understanding and enjoy the excellent company of homeopaths.

Mani Norland, the seminar host, writes, “This event will be a lot of fun! A two day extravaganza with three of the wisest men in homeopathy talking passionately about a method they use in everyday practice, plus it will provide a chance for the homeopathic community to come and see the School in its new home and to enjoy a relaxed evening before the event with food, wine and live music.”

The four elements in homeopathy are a constellation of many influences: philosophical, medical, scientific and mystical. They have been developed from the traditional teachings of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, that have been embedded in world cultures, both Eastern and Western, for thousands of years.

Jeremy Sherr writes, “The four elements map can be used to enhance your case analysis skills and your understanding of materia medica. Furthermore, it will increase the joy you get from homeopathy, because you will understand the case and the remedy at a deeper level.”

During the course of the seminar you will build up your own map of the four elements. Please do bring along paper, pen and coloured pencils. Through the use of the map, and during the seminar, you will come to deepen your perception of cases and gain new insights into remedies.

Misha Norland writes, “Finding an individual’s key signature (experienced as vital sensation) gives the primary data for remedy selection, while the characteristic expressions (functions or output) are useful in differential remedy analysis. The map embraces both of these aspects. In bringing these together, it helps us recognise the unity of being in our patient and find a remedy that matches both this and their parts. It helps us reclaim a vision of macro and microcosm, a truly homeopathic view, without which we become little more than technicians and it inclines us to greater wisdom.”

David Mundy writes, ‘Before I became a homeopath I practiced acupuncture, with it’s emphasis on the symbolism of the elements. Later, when I discovered the Mappa Mundi, I realised how a knowledge of the four elements could be wonderfully utilised in the understanding of both remedy and patient. Seemingly unrelated phenomena, when observed through the lens of the elements, become united and understood. Materia Medica is easier to learn and in the patient, what needs to be cured becomes easier to perceive.’

Event outline
Friday 3 July 09
Evening : School of Homeopathy party (optional - no charge)

Saturday 4 July 09
Morning : Introductions, 4 Elements in theory
Afternoon : 4 Elements in theory & practice
Evening : Dinner (optional)

Sunday 5 July 09
Morning : 4 Elements in practice
Afternoon : 4 Elements in practice and open Q&A session

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