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Rosacea - Skin Condition

01 June 2010 at 10:43

"I suffer with the skin condition Rosacea which means that my cheeks and nose are always red and a bit bumpy, which is quite embarrassing. My skin is very tender and I have to be careful what products I use on it. What natural remedies can you suggest that I try?"

Homeopathy is an effective and natural treatment available for Rosacea and its symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are natural, and are chosen based on your current condition and symptoms that are most individual to you.

Under ‘Rosacea’ in the Homeopathic Repertory (the book that lists symptoms) there are 164 homeopathic remedies indicated, so plenty of choice. It will be important to find the right one for your individual symptoms, situation and experience. As there are so many options I would recommend a homeopathic consultation to ensure you find the appropriate remedy. However, if you did want to try something at home then I would suggest the following 3 remedies:

• Rhus Toxicodendron if you have Rosacea with the symptoms of puffy and inflamed skin with acne-like lesions. This treatment works especially well if the Rosacea worsens with cold or harsh weather conditions.

• Arsenicum Album if you have Rosacea that is dry and flaky. This treatment works especially well if your skin feels hot but you also seem to get cold easily.

• Hepar Sulphuris if you have Rosacea with pus-filled spots that are painful to the touch. This treatment works especially well if your symptoms are relieved with warm applications

People with Rosacea often find that certain lifestyle and environmental factors trigger a flare-up or aggravate their individual condition. Common triggers include certain foods (especially hot or spicy foods) and drink, (especially alcohol and caffeine), exercise, temperature changes, exposure to the sun, rain or wind, and stress. So, working out what your triggers are, and making some simple changes to your lifestyle, can also help.

If you wish to learn more about the basic use of homeopathy for the treatment of Rosacea and other ailments then I would recommend our simple home study course and remedy kit in Homeopathy: If you do decide have a homeopathic consultation then you can find a registered homeopath in your area at:

Mani Norland BA(Hons), DSH, RSHom
Principal, School of Homeopathy


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01 November 2009 at 10:15

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