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Homeopathy First Aid - Course & Remedy Kit

01 July 2008 at 15:02

Homeopathy First Aid

Homeopathy made easy for your family

For when you want to look after your family naturally, but not sure where to start

Three leading organisations worked together to create a perfect natural home healthcare package. The School of Health designed and produced all the material, the School of Homeopathy (one of the longest established in the UK) wrote the course and leading natural health products manufacturer Nelsons delivered the remedy kit. This collaboration has resulted in the launch a brand new and completely accessible route to natural health with their Homeopathy First Aid Kit and course.

Inside, there is a complete starter set of 28 homeopathic medicines ready for you to use for yourself and your family including popular remedies such as Belladonna, Chamomilla, Nux vomica and Arnica. There is also Hypercal cream which can help heal cuts and grazes - everything necessary for effective homeopathy first aid treatment.

In addition, you will find the course manual that takes you through the first aid programme step by step; the course DVD featuring Misha Norland, the founder of The School of Homeopathy; two recommended course reading books – Get Well Soon and Homeopathy, A Rational Choice in Medicine; and discount vouchers for further advanced study with the School of Homeopathy and Nelsons Pharmacy products where you can top up any remedies or chose any other products from their huge range.

The complete course takes less than a month and as it is home-based, it can be done at your leisure, as intensively or gradually as you want. It fits in around your daily schedule and enables you to build up your knowledge at your own speed. No prior medical or homeopathic training is required.

Professor at Yunan University and professional homeopath Jeremy Sherr said “I highly recommend the Homeopathy First Aid Course and Remedy Kit as an excellent introduction to homeopathic principles and first-aid prescribing. Misha Norland is one of the most experienced homeopaths in the country, and the School of Homeopathy has a well deserved reputation for excellence.”

Annette Ostrowska, a housewife from Worcestershire, said that, after doing the home course, she felt “more confident than before, more able to explain the principles of homeopathy to a couple of sceptics. I was able to prescribe a couple of remedies for my husband, as he was unwell whilst I was doing the course. I believe they worked very well and I was able to find the correct remedy more easily than before.”

Mani Norland, Principal in the Wings at the School of Homeopathy says “We want to make homeopathy accessible to everyone, so that people can make their own health choices. This course will inspire, educate and be of great benefit to anyone interested in looking after their family’s health naturally. Nelsons have a history of producing high quality natural health products so teaming up with them was an obvious choice and their traditions and commitment to high standards reflect ours.”

The Homeopathy First Aid Kit is available at a special launch price of £149 fromthe School of Homeopathy or The School of Health online at or and by mail order +44 (0)1453 765 956.

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