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How To Cure A Hangover With Homeopathy

24 January 2012 at 11:24

An article published in the Lincolnshire Echo gives advice on how to cure a hangover using a homeopathic remedy.

Read the full article below:

Advice to cope with all of those fuzzy mornings
Lincolnshire Echo
by Joanne Hunt
5 January 2012
You wake up, eyes blurry, head fuzzy and a mouth, that feels like something has crawled in there and died, and your stomach feels somewhat, iffy. Not that you remember but I'm sure the Christmas party last night was brilliant. Snippets of food, far too much drink and mortifying turns on 'Singstar' come back to you through a hazy mishmash of choice snapshots. So, how can you avoid the dreaded hangover so that you actually get to do something useful with the morning after, instead of cowering under the duvet, away from the sunlight like a vampire.
Annie Hall, local homoeopath and health counsellor has this advice: "Alcohol is dehydrating, so you need to drink the same amount of water to get yourself back to zero. If you have three big glasses of wine you should have three big glasses of water. Before you even leave home have half a pint of water, then you will start the night with extra water in your system.
"Start with something to eat before you leave home so you aren't putting alcohol into an empty stomach," Annie continues.
"When you get to the party make for the crisps, make for the nibbles, and don't make straight for the drinks table. Keep eating throughout the night; spread out your alcohol as well. When you get home drink some water and eat, even if it is a bacon sandwich."
Another thing Annie says you need to be aware of is the percentage of alcohol, especially wine. With the percentage of your favourite vino having steadily increased over the last couple of years you could be drinking more than you think.
"The alcohol content of wine has been high over the last couple of years, staying at around 15 per cent in some cases. Even if you have a couple of glasses you're drinking more than you think. At parties people don't use pub measures. So at home you have a big glass of wine and again you're already drinking more than you think.
"A bottle of wine should pour six glasses." But, whether you've previously taken note of homoeopathy before, or not, Annie has a hangover cure suggestion that might just make your mornings after a thing of the past.
"There is a homoeopathy remedy which is brilliant called Nux Vom. Vom comes from the word vomica which is Latin for vomit. In homoeopathy what makes you ill makes you well and this remedy is great for people who wake up feeling grumpy and horrible in the morning," Annie explains.
"It is also good for people who work hard and play hard. Nux Vom is available from most health food shops, you just pop one on your tongue and suck it, simple as that. You take one when you get in from your party, one in the morning and one at around 11am, although usually by then you'll feel much better. You can also take one if you wake up at 2am feeling awful. It settles your psyche and your stomach; it can be used on kids too. Everybody should have it in their bathroom cabinet, it's absolutely brilliant."
It is always a good idea to contact your local homoeopath if you're have trouble with alcohol.
You can find local details on

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