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Proof for Homeopathy - Taken from The John Benneth Journal

24 February 2014 at 10:00

Taken from The John Benneth Journal:

The first question about homeopathy is this: Can serially agitated high dilutes (SADs), which are the constituent solutions used in homeopathic remedies, be identified from their liquid vehicles?

Although it does not conclusively rebut the placebo accusation, if we can see a difference in SADs within the water from whence they came, this in itself suggests that there are physical attributes in homeopathic medicine that may affect living organisms.

Through supramolecular chemistry we have been given a look into what the homeopathic remedy is structurally. The homeopathic remedy is not a chemical compound, it is a molecular complex.

Through the action of van der Waal forces, hydrogen bonding within aqueous solutions creates polymer structures, akin to ice crystals, that mimic the the shape and function of the mother susbtance. These structures were seen by early chemists such as Sir Humphry Davy and Michael Farraday and referred to as “hydrates,” and basically regarded as curiosities.

To read the full article and review the supporting literature please follow this link:

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