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Pathology & Disease for Homeopaths Out Now!

01 February 2010 at 11:52

P&D For Homeopaths

The School of Health, with Elaine Watson, launch a brand new home study course for homeopaths! This new Pathology & Disease course for homeopaths is the first of its kind! It was created from scratch specifically for students and practitioners of homeopathy.

Homeopathy students and practitioners need to know about anatomy, physiology, pathology and disease as part of their homeopathic training but in the past this has been treated as a ‘bolt-on’ subject that students have not enjoyed. With the move towards higher standards in the teaching and practice of homeopathy, it is becoming increasingly recognised that you need a sound understanding of key aspects of orthodox medicine to be a safe and effective practitioner. This new Pathology & Disease course has been assessed using Bloom’s taxonomy to ensure it is pitched at the correct level and is designed to follow on from the Anatomy & Physiology course for homeopaths launched by The School of Health in 2008.

Elaine says “When I wrote the Anatomy & Physiology course for homeopaths I created a stable spring board from which to leap into the study of Pathology & Disease at a later stage. In the same way as the Anatomy & Physiology was integrated with materia medica, philosophy and casework I have structured this course so that it retains an holistic approach and engages the homeopathic practitioner. This course ensures students are confident in their understanding of disease and know when it is appropriate to treat and when not to and when to collaborate with other health care professionals to provide an effective approach to healing.”

The first part of the course explores the absolutely fundamental building blocks for the creation of a fully functioning, energetic Human Being and unravels the journey from conception through birth to childhood and adolescence. It brings together many useful understandings and ideas that are scattered throughout literature into a meaningful whole for the first time.

The second part of the course is a more traditional exploration of the mature Human Being slipping into disease states but retains the homeopathic approach to the whole person. Along the way the course also looks at how homeopaths can work alone or alongside other health professionals to provide a truly profound healthcare system for patients.

The course is divided into 6 units each with text, reading references and activities for you to do. Some of the activities are very small and can be done while you boil the kettle for a cup of tea. Others require you to do some research where information is accumulated in away which is both interesting but also useful for practise. At the end of the course you will have a beautiful book or file filled with wonderfully useful information. You will also know your way around the text books so that you are never at a loss when a patient consults you with unusual pathology. On top of all of this you are sure to appreciate just how marvellous the Human Body is!

The Course Unit contents in brief are as follows:
Unit 1 Explores pre-conceptual biology to weaning
Unit 2 Looks at infancy to puberty
Unit 3 Explores adolescence and puberty in the first half and pathology of the digestive system in the second half
Unit 4 investigates disorders of the respiratory system and pathology of the cardio-vascular system
Unit 5 Looks at pathology of the urinary system, men’s health problems and women’s health problems
Unit 6 Looks at musculo-skeletal disorders, endocrine problems and mental health.

Elaine says ” This course is the result of many years of careful observation of the meteoric pitfalls the subject has had for students, and represents an attempt to revitalise their interest. I have attempted to provide learning experiences for all students whether right or left brain-biased and to infuse their study with some humour to maintain the momentum. The work has been chopped up into “bite sizes” as befits the modern world of learning and thereby actually managed to keep me interested too! I hope with this course that P&D will be given a good shake up and re-establish itself alongside the other wonderful disciplines in homeopathy.”

Mani says “We really enjoyed developing the popular Anatomy & Physiology course for homeopaths with Elaine and always knew we would be following it with Pathology & Disease, so it is wonderful to be able to launch this course now. Once again Elaine has done a terrific job and the end result is superb. The course approaches the subject in new and inspiring ways and Elaine has generously shared many years of experience and ideas. Elaine has a real expertise in connecting homeopathy with Pathology & Disease in a meaning and memorable way. The new course is a gift to homeopathy.”

The course can be taken on its own, but the Anatomy & Physiology Course for homeopaths provides the ideal study necessary before starting the Pathology & Disease Course for homeopaths. The course is carried out by home study, and takes about 175 - 225 hours to complete. The course can be started at any time and you work at your own pace with-in a 24 month study period.

who is the course for?
Students, colleges and practitioners in homeopathy

why is P&D so important?
The study of medical sciences is an essential part of the education of a homeopath:
• It enables the homeopath to distinguish symptoms common to disease from those that are idiosyncratic to the patient – the latter being invaluable for a proper assessment.
• It enables the homeopath to know how the disease is likely to progress should treatment be ineffective.
• It helps the homeopath know when to re-prescribe or to refer to another health-care specialist or medical doctor.
• It helps communication and confidence both with patients and other health professionals.
• It provides an understanding of conventional diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, and how these may affect and modify management of the case by the homeopathic practitioner.

aim of the course

To learn how the body works as a whole, as well as its individual systems. The objective is to give the necessary knowledge and understanding of this subject in order to support and complement your homeopathic practice. The intent is to understand how each system works and connects with others rather than to learn it all by heart.

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