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A new year, a new beginning

01 December 2005 at 11:05

The School of Health


A new year a new beginning

If you’re looking for a new sense of inspiration, want to help your family and others, fancy a change in career (want to be your own boss!), or perhaps have just had enough of orthodox medicine, then The School of Health’s home study courses are for you.

The School of Health is under new management and has just moved to Devon!

Established in 1987, nearly 7500 students have taken The School of Health’s courses in over 50 countries. For nearly 20 years they have offered high quality home study courses at affordable prices in Homeopathy, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology & Disease and Nutrition. The courses have been specially developed to provide essential learning for the study of Alternative Medicine.

Mani, the new owner says “We are enjoying the business immensely and we are delighted to have officially stepped into the world of alternative medicine. My wife, Amanda, and I left the rat race, for the chicken run, and have not looked back! It is a long and wondrous dream fulfilled. Our desire is to continue the business legacy of bringing the best education at the best price. We have been busy reinvigorating the business and have redesigned the courses and are launching new websites, prospectuses, books and lots more. Everything we do has our student’s benefit at the heart of it. Just take a look at our new website in January to see what I mean!”

The School of Health’s homeopathy courses were created by, and are continually developed by, the School of Homeopathy. The School is the oldest in the UK and has an extremely high reputation for quality and standards. It's Founder and Principal is internationally acclaimed homeopath, Misha Norland.

When you enrol on one of their courses you get the real sense you will be joining a worldwide family of students, colleges and practitioners working together to make life healthier.

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