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01 February 2008 at 09:57

Introduction to acute prescribing

by Misha Norland, School of Homeopathy
Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy 2008

In the beginning homeopathy was placed upon the map of health-care because of its success in treating epidemics. In dire situations such as this as well as in times of war, the use of homeopathically indicated medicines has helped to save countless lives. This is well documented. Doubts about the efficacy of the homeopathic system dissolve before the spectacle of returning health, and the more dire the situation, the more spectacular the result.

Most of us will have had our initial experiences of homeopathic healing at the instruction, or by the hand of a professional. While professional treatment continues to be the best way forward in respect of building up health and resilience in the face of life’s stresses, it is not usually available in fast moving acute situations: situations such as a child’s fever at midnight, or a physical accident. How can we get started as a domestic user of homeopathic medicines? This book provides an introduction into the basics of self-help homeopathy. It is not presented as a complete answer, for medical assistance should certainly be sought for accidents and emergencies, such as for sustained fevers, blood loss and other life threatening conditions. This book is an updated version of other volumes that have preceded it, by Nelson’s and innumerable authors in the many countries in which homeopathy is practiced. It is intended to get you started, to help you become effective in treating the many ailments that both adults and children are liable to succumb to when natural defenses are weakened, or when by happenstance we fall.

These introductory comments could end here, however there is a further benefit to be had from homeopathy that puts it into a different class from current western medicine. It is not an intervention, as medical practice terms its treatment, it is an enhancement. The correctly chosen medicine, selected because it is homeopathic to the disturbance from which symptoms arise, enhances the self healing mechanisms that are present, although temporarily unavailable; it releases them so that they are reinstated as forces for healing. Or to put it another way: the homeopathic medicine reminds the self regulatory healing forces how to behave. They have ‘forgotten’ because an illness or a trauma has temporarily overwhelmed them. The homeopathic medicine is like a signpost that reminds the sick and disoriented person which way to go. In doing this, the person returns to their former healthy condition.

Now consider this: the former healthy condition may not have been so healthy. Indeed, had it been so, surely it would not have succumbed to the trauma or the disease in the first place. Invariably this is the case: the sick person does carry a history, be it genetically or otherwise acquired, and so it follows that the current acute state (which has brought the sufferer to the attention of the prescriber) is a compounded state arising from the interaction of current and historic forces. This being so, the homeopathic medicine will do more than ‘wake up’ the slumbering response to the apparent cause, be it an accident or an invading virus, it will address the historical weaknesses that lie dormant within the organism.

While treating an acute or accident case, as homeopathic professionals often comment, an insight into underlying states of imbalance within the person are often revealed. More to the point, the medicine which is homeopathic to the acute state is often also homeopathic to what is or will become the chronic state. Often, as it is told, the person who was treated for this or that acute condition, makes a leap in their health, be it a developmental leap in the case of a child, or an increase of general wellbeing in the case of an adult.

It is experiences such as this that place homeopathy on the larger map, showing that homeopathically guided prescriptions not only, wonderfully and rapidly resolve acute diseases, they also allow us to reveal our potential: to enjoy the freedom to be healthy, creative and loving beings.

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