Pathology & Disease
Homeopaths Course Testimonials

I liked having the flexibility to undertake my studies according to my schedule. I liked the way the course guide brings in the potential usefulness of homeopathy in fields that are typically only based on pure science. I also have a good relationship with my tutor which is great. I think the content is great. The feedback I get from my tutor is valuable. The new Facebook community page for students is new and a great way to interact with fellow students so you don’t feel you are on your own. Andy, Student

Lizet, Student

I chose the Pathology & Disease course because it is part of the studying homeopathy that I’m doing. I think it is great to have a course that includes homeopathy because it directs the learning to what we need to know.

Fiona, Student

I love the Pathology & Disease course as it is very much homoeopathically oriented. I got to study lots of different remedies that I did not know and it’s really well done and so informative. It is really worth knowing more about disease pictures, particularly as often students of homeopathy are not Doctors. I learnt a lot.? I love to have to differentiate between several remedies which is what some of the questions ask for. I really enjoyed the course - I spread it over a 12-month period as I work full-time and have a young family. I loved the integration of the remedies and I feel it will be useful for me to refer to as I start to build my own practice.

Sally, Student

The Pathology & Disease course was one of my all-time favourites. Elaine is a great tutor and guide. The material is really well organized and flows in a very intuitive way. I thought the whole thing was challenging and thought-provoking and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for such a great course!

Isabella, Student

This was a fabulous course Elaine! It provided the structure to direct my journey. It was an excellent exercise in getting more familiar with the sources of reference. Some of the assignments offered just enough challenge to inspire confidence. Your experience in thoughts along the way offered guidance and encouragement and your sense of humour made it even more user friendly. I really got a lot out of this and it was undoubtedly more useful to me than a conventional pathology course.Thank you so very much for the thoughtfulness, spirit and time you put into preparation and the warmth and kindness you brought to assessing my assignments.

Ava, Student

I am totally and absolutely impressed at how thorough and well-designed the course is, how beautifully and seamlessly everything progresses, and how so many of the relevant indications for homeopathic interventions are addressed. The course is written and designed with such integrity and professionalism. I have already learned so much, just in Unit 1, and I am really and truly enthusiastically looking forward to the rest of the course. It's a humungous amount of work, but well worth the effort!! So congratulations and thank you once again.

Mia, Student

I just received the course materials and browsed through them a bit. I had been looking forward to pathology and disease anyway, but I certainly didn't expect to find a course that would allow me to continue engaging with homeopathy while learning about pathology and disease. This looks wonderful. Now I can hardly wait to get started.

I've complete Pathology & Disease, and I wanted to compliment you on the great course, that furthered my skills in homeopathy while teaching me about medical science basics. I feel better equip to look up various conditions, and have more ideas on how to search for remedies. So thank you very much, and I hope you feel a great sense of accomplishment on a creative project very well done. Anon, Graduate

Emma, Graduate

I simply love the course- it is a wonderful opportunity to learn about pathology and disease, to relate it to homeopathy and to put together information that will be invaluable when practicing.

Pria, Student

Wonderful, really easy to follow, interesting and absorbing. I really like the way the homework incorporates all the different learning styles. I have previous experience of learning Anatomy & Physiology and that has been very dry and unstimulating. I now enjoy it much more and find I am learning it in much more depth and retaining the knowledge."

George, Student

I have studied Anatomy & Physiology before so was dreading it. But I can honestly say that it has completely surprised me. I have loved the variety of learning – I can’t believe how much I have learnt just by drawing a picture – it was so much better than any way I have learnt Anatomy & Physiology before – I like the way it ties in the homeopathy.

Nancy, Student

Found this very enjoyable because I am interested in science and have studied it before. It’s fascinating how the body works. I’m actually reading more detail than I need to because I enjoy it so much. It’s a very helpful course and I like the different work that is set, it really helps to remember what you’ve learnt.

I was afraid of it before I started and I thought it will be hard work. But as soon as I started I found I couldn’t stop because I enjoyed it so much.  I think it is wonderfully clear and well set out. Really like the links with homeopathy, easy to digest and great to have the short modules! Anon, Student

Sue, Student

I think that Elaine’s course is fantastic and I have really enjoyed working my way through it. The variety of learning approaches that she has incorporated makes it an engaging process. The exercises set within the course summarise and consolidate the learning well and will be really useful to refer back to.

Abby, Student

I’ve already done an Anatomy & Physiology course years ago and had anticipated that this may have helped me. However, I was surprised how much more had been discovered about cells etc in the interim, so now I have a lot more to learn. The way the course is set out is very easy to follow and very enjoyable – “bite size” chunks, so I look forward to doing a little every day or so. It also makes it easier to remember. I also like the way it is related to homeopathy. Summary: so far, an excellent course.

Margaret, Student

I am finding the course very user-friendly. Ross & Wilson as a stand-alone text book is quite mind boggling for someone who hasn’t studied biology. The course breaks it up into digestible chunks. I am enjoying the activities and find the explanatory sections very useful.

Beverley, Student

With the links to homeopathy, it makes it interesting and feels relevant. The course is easy to read and understand. Good layout!

Stephen, Student

I am enjoying doing it. The variety in activities keeps it interesting. It is quite straight forward and I like the way it is linked to the book.

Rita, Student

Very much enjoying the course. Small exercises mean they are easy to get into and not at all daunting. Enjoying the variation of different ways of learning especially the creative exercises.

Simone, Student

I am very impressed with the design, layout and content of this new course. The mix of activities allows the student to employ a range of study skills, and by doing this, each student is enabled to try their hand at different learning styles and discover what works for them. It is full of vitality and interest for the student, and provides lots of connections back into their homoeopathic study.

I wish so much that you had written this course earlier! All the different methods of learning that you have used are fantastic and break up the monotony of what had been a difficult and disappointing learning experience for me. I had always wanted to study Anatomy & Pathology and your course has given me what I thought it would be. Louise, Student

Laura, Student

For a subject that can become rather tedious the course we have is made interesting and put in “bite-size” chunks. We are also required to think about what we have learned and do extra research when required as part of the course work. I enjoy doing this and appreciate the extra information that I have learned in addition to my Anatomy & Physiology course decades ago for nursing.

"I am totally and absolutely impressed at how thorough and well-designed the course is"

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Pathology & Disease for homeopaths Complete Course

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